The Best Sump Pump Alarms

Sump pump water alarms.

Sump pump alarm systems serve as an early warning system that notifies homeowners when water in the sump pit reaches dangerous levels – for example, during a power outage, if the pump fails or during a massive storm when the pump cannot keep up with a sudden surge of water. Being notified in advance allows you, the homeowner, to take action and thereby prevent or, at the very least, minimize flooding. After all, the last thing you want is to return to a flooded home after a hard day’s work.

Interested? Then check out the following high water alarms for sump pumps.

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  • PumpSpy Wi-Fi Smart Outlet
  • Level Sense PRO Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Alarm

PumpSpy Wi-Fi Smart Outlet

PumpSpy Wi-Fi Smart Outlet

The Wi-Fi-connected PumpSpy Smart Outlet is compatible with all sump pumps and does so much more than just monitoring water levels.

It checks and sends reports to you immediately in the event of pump failure, power outages, if your pump is under strain, if the discharge line is frozen or blocked, and even if you lost your internet connection at home. Notifications are sent in realtime by text messages, emails, and via a free Android/Apple app.

You can also log onto the app at any time of day or night to see your current water levels, how many cycles your sump pump did, and how many gallons were pumped.

And the best part? No additional equipment is needed other than the SumpSpy smart outlet, and there aren’t any nasty surprises such as monthly or hidden fees.

Installation is quick and easy too. All you have to do is plug your existing sump pump directly into the smart outlet and then let it connect your home Wi-Fi.

Yes, the PumpSpy Wi-Fi Smart Outlet costs a little bit more than the standard sump pump alarm, but for all of these features and the peace of mind that it brings makes it well worth it.

The device and its software are all made in the USA, and friendly support staff is only a phone call away should you need help.

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Level Sense PRO Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Alarm

Level Sense PRO Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Alarm

The Level Sense PRO Wi-FI Enabled Sump Pump Alarm not only notifies you via email, text message, and the Android/Apple app about everything going on with your sump pump, but also sends realtime reports about low temperatures, high humidity, and even when there’s water on the basement floor.

The alarm system has two sump pump pit sensors. One sensor is in the pit and sends a notification when the water reaches a certain level and another by the lid that sends a second notification as soon as the water level reaches the top. So in other words, you will know when water levels are dangerously high, and when water is about to spill over onto the basement floor.

As mentioned, the alarm also has a built-in humidity sensor. It’s particularly useful because basements are prone to high humidity, which leads to mold. Its default setting will send you notifications as soon as the humidity level surpasses 60%.

The home security interface relay is another great feature that allows you to connect the sump pump water alarm to your home security system. This allows your home security company to know if your sump pump is about to overflow so that they can respond when you can’t.

The device also has a lithium-polymer battery that auto-charges with its own internal back-up battery – so you will never have to charge it.

There is just one small downside to this product – there is a small monthly fee. The good news is that the first two years are free, and after that, it costs a mere $9.95 per year.

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