How to Remove Black Mold in Toilet

Black mold in toilet
How to remove black mold in toilet

Mold in the toilet bowl can be fairly common depending on various factors. Luckily though, it’s very easy to remove thanks to the non-porous porcelain surface of toilets. In this article we will discuss why it forms in toilets and toilet tanks in the first place and how you can remove it.

Table of Contents
  • What causes mold in the toilet?
  • How to remove mold in the toilet bowl
  • How to remove mold in the toilet tank

What causes mold in the toilet?

The insides of toilets are dark and damp and as we all know by now mold loves and thrives in these type of environments. Common types of toilet mold often include black, orange and pink mold – many which are usually non-toxic types. Many people often assume the water quality has something to do with it but that is rarely the case.

Not using a specific toilet for a lengthy period of time can often lead to mold formation due to the stagnant water. Another common cause is not cleaning your toilet on a regular basis. Cleaning your toilet once a week is sufficient to keep toilet mold at bay.

How to remove mold in the toilet bowl

With the right cleaning solutions removing mold from the toilet bowl becomes a breeze. This is largely due to the non-porous porcelain surface. As usually, safety is important when dealing with mold and cleaning detergents. Make sure to open the bathroom windows prior to cleaning to get some fresh air circulating. Also wear gloves and a breathing mask to minimize breathing in detergents and mold spores.

How to clean toilet mold

With mold in the toilet bowl we will be using white vinegar and bleach. Pour some of the vinegar onto the moldy areas and scrub it with a brush until all the mold disappears. You will notice that you do not have to scrub hard as it easily comes off. Once off flush the toilet. After the bowl has refilled add some bleach directly into the water bowl. Close the toilet lid and let it sit for approximately one hour. After one hour flush the toilet once again.

How to clean mold in the toilet tank

Water in the toilet tank becomes stagnant with irregular flushing. This in conjunction with the wetness / dampness and lack of light makes it an ideal mold environment. Regular flushing is usually sufficient in preventing mold from forming in the tank but one should check every once in a while since the toilet tank is often neglected and rarely checked.

The process for the tank is the same as the toilet bowl method. Scrub the mold off with white vinegar. Flush the toilet and wait for the tank to refill. Then add some bleach and let it sit for one hour before flushing once again.

A good preventative measure for toilet tank mold is to pour some white vinegar in the tank once a month. Especially if the toilet in question is not used often.

A word of caution:

When scrubbing mold in the toilet bowl keep in mind that the surface can get damaged when scrubbing too hard or using a hard brush. As previously mentioned, the mold comes off fairly easily with the right cleaning detergent and enough brushing.