Mold Resistant Paint

Mold Resistant Paint
Mold Resistant paint

Not only is mold unsightly but it can also make you sick which is why its important to take any necessary preventive steps to minimize the chances of such fungi forming. Did you know painting walls and ceilings of high humidity problem areas with antimicrobial paint will drastically reduce the chances of mold formation? This antimicrobial paint, which is oftentimes simply referred to as mold resistant paint, is becoming more and more commonly used as an efficient mold deterrent.

Table of Contents
  • What Is Mold Resistant Paint?
  • Can I Use It To Paint Over Existing Mold?
  • Best Places To Use Mold Resistant Paint
  • Where Can I Buy Mold Resistant Paint?

What is Mold Resistant Paint?

Mold resistant paint is basically ordinary paint with antimicrobial ingredients added to it. It gets applied the same way and looks exactly the same as ordinary paint. However, the antimicrobial ingredients will play a vital role in helping prevent mold growth on its surfaces.

Can I Use It To Paint Over Existing Mold?

Painting over existing mold with antimicrobial paint is definitely not recommended. Doing so will not kill or remove the actual existing mold. Instead, the paint should be applied after the remedial process as to help prevent any further growth and infestations.

Best Places To Use Mold Resistant Paint

It’s best used in parts of the house where there are high levels of humidity. Such places would typically include bathrooms, basements and ceilings. Using it to paint the interior walls of your entire home would not be a bad idea either; although it’s not really necessary unless you live in a very humid area. Although, mold resistant paint used in conjunction with a good dehumidifier system is a winning combination.

Where Can I Buy Mold Resistant Paint?

Antimicrobial paint can be purchased either online at or at Walmart, Lowes or just about any DIY hardware store. They are produced by most major paint brands and are available in a multitude of colors.