Mold Resistant Paint

Mold resistant paint

Mold is unsightly and can make you sick, which is why it’s essential to take preventive steps to minimize the chances of such fungi forming. Did you know that painting walls and ceilings of high humidity areas with antimicrobial paint will drastically reduce the chances of mold formation? This antimicrobial paint, which is often referred to as mold resistant paint, is becoming more and more commonly used as an efficient deterrent.

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What is mold resistant paint and does it work?

Mold resistant paint is ordinary paint with antimicrobial ingredients added to it. It gets applied the same way and looks the same as regular paint. However, the antimicrobial ingredients play a vital role in helping prevent the growth of mold on a variety of surface areas.

Does it work? It sure does. Good mold resistant paint brands come with at least a 5-year guarantee.

How to apply it

In the following section, we will show how to use mold-resistant paint to surface areas that need protection. The best places to paint would be vulnerable areas, such as basements, bathroom ceilings, drywall, and anywhere else you have been having mold problems or high humidity.

Clean the walls

It’s not recommended to paint over existing mold, mildew or dirty surface areas. First, properly remove the mold and then thoroughly wash the surface area clean.

Dry the walls

It’s essential to properly dry the surface areas where you have washed before painting. Painting over damp surface areas will be no good, no matter how resistant to mold the paint is.

Apply the primer

Thoroughly cover the surface areas with a mold killing primer. If using on a wall, pay special attention to the lower parts and top corners by the ceiling because those are prime areas for mold growth.

Apply the paint

Once the primer has dried, apply two coats of high-quality mold resistant paint with a soft bristle brush or foam brush. Be sure to allow proper drying time between the two layers.

Allow 24hrs to dry

After the second coat of paint, allow 24 hours to dry. It’s advisable not to use the room during that time – especially if it’s a bathroom because the moisture and heat from the hot bath or shower might cause the paint to run.

The best mold resistant paints

Choose your paint carefully. What you want is something that can effectively seal porous surfaces, cover hard to remove stains, offers proper adhesion, and comes with at least a 5-year mold-free guarantee. Below are four high-quality products that meet all of these requirements.

KILZ 2 multi-surface latex primer and sealer

Suitable for: Interior and exterior use, drywall, plaster, ceilings, wood, paneling, masonry, concrete, brick, and painted metal surfaces.

The water-based KILZ mold paint is both a latex primer and sealer in one. It does an excellent job of hiding previous colors while blocking stains from mold, mildew, grease, ink, water, and marker pens.

It’s an excellent choice for bathroom ceilings and drywall, thanks to its strong adhesiveness and ability to thoroughly seal porous surfaces. Other surface areas where you can apply it include wood, plaster, and even masonry.

The product dries within 30 minutes and is ready for the second coat in an hour, but in most cases, one coating is sufficient.

Killz 2 is available in a 1-gallon container, which can cover an impressive 300 to 400 square foot surface area. Additionally, the KILZ brand has been in the paint manufacturing business for around 40 years and was named paint brand of the year in 2015. A brand and product you can trust.

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Rust-Oleum perma-white mold-proof interior paint

Suitable for: Interior use, drywall, ceilings, bathrooms, and basements.

The high-quality Rust-oleum perma-white mold resistant interior paint comes in a range of colors and offers a beautiful semi-gloss finish.

It’s water-based, self-priming, odor-free, moisture as well as stain-resistant, and, most importantly, comes with an unbeatable 5-year mold and mildew free guarantee.

One important thing to keep in mind is that if you use this product in the bathroom, do not use the shower or bath for the first 24 hours after painting. Also, do not scrub or wash the walls for seven days, either. All in all, it’s an excellent product and one of the highest quality mold resistant paints on the market that will leave your walls with a beautiful eggshell finish.

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KILZ color change stain blocking interior ceiling paint

Suitable for: Ceilings.

KILZ color change stain-blocking interior ceiling paint has been specially formulated for use on ceilings. It applies easily with minimal splatter as a pink color, only to turn white once dry.

It covers and brings new life to stained ceilings while protecting it from new stains, color changes that occur over time, mold, and mildew.

Applying two coats of this paint four hours apart is recommended to get the full mold protection which this product guarantees.

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Paint-Guard mold prevention paint additive

Add paint-guard to any water-based paint to make it mold resistant. It doesn’t change the color or texture of your current paint or impacts its finish in any way.

There are many of these types of products on the market, but this particular mold resistant paint additive from Paint-Guard receives constant high reviews on

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