The Best Air Purifiers For Mold

Studies suggest that indoor air tends to be considerably more contaminated than outdoor air. The use of cleaning detergents, cooking fumes, pet dander, dust mites and countless other contaminants can easily flare up allergies in many of us. Furthermore, if you had a mold problem in your house then chances are very good that there are spores floating around which can be bad for your health and keep making you sick long after the actual mold itself has been removed. In this type of situation the right kind of air purifier will work wonders but with so many to choose from, how will you know which one is right for you?

Table of Contents
  • Can An Air Purifier Help With Mold?
  • Features to Look for in a Mold Air Purifier
  • The OION LB-8001 Air Purifier
  • The GermGuardian AC5000E Air Purifier
  • The Winix 5500-2 Air Cleaner
  • Rabbit Air MinusA2
  • Mold Air Purifier Comparison Table
  • Things to consider

Can An Air Purifier Help With Mold?

An average air purifier can remove most contaminants from the air but only those with hepa filters can remove mold spores. These spores range from sizes 1 – 100 microns which is much smaller than most other types of contaminants. A good hepa filter air purifier will cost a bit more than a regular one but will be able to pick up contaminants as small as 0,3 microns.

Features to Look for in a Mold Air Purifier

Energy efficiency: Always check energy efficiency levels of the purifier you are planning on buying if you intend on running it on a regular or permanent basis. Energy efficiency also depends on the size and the power of the unit.

Low noise levels: Some units which use up a lot of energy also tend to be noisy. A good purifier will emit low noise levels or at the very best be silent.

Easy to operate: The system should be easy and intuitive to use. If you need a college degree just to know how to operate it then it might not be worth it.

Hepa filters: If mold spores are the sole intention for purchasing an air purifying system then it must have Hepa air filters. These units tend to cost a bit more than regular ones but Hepa filters are the only filters that can pick up mold spores. As a matter of fact, these units pick up 99.97% of all indoor contaminants.

Activated carbon filters: This feature is optional but well worth it. Activated carbon filters removes the terrible odor which mold produces, along with any other odors.

Unit size: A small unit is ideal for one to two rooms. If you want to cover a larger area of the house and don’t like the idea of moving a small unit around from room to room then it might be worth investing a bit more money to get a larger unit.

The OION LB-8001 Air Purifier

OION LB-8001 Mold Air Purifier

The OION LB-8001 Air Purifier removes 99.98% of all indoor airborne contaminants thanks to its 5 in 1 purification process. The HEPA filters are re-usable after being washed which means you won’t have to buy these special filters quite as often. The system catches and kills particles as small as .3 microns while eliminating all odors. In addition, it deodorizes the air too. It’s used in many hospitals around the US thanks to its effectiveness and low noise levels. The OION LB-8001 has 5 speed settings and easy to read indicator lights which lights up whenever maintenance is required; so you’re never left guessing when its time to replace or wash filters.

It’s an excellent system at a great price with high user ratings on Plus, its ideal for removing mold spores.

The GermGuardian AC5000E Air Purifier

GermGuardian AC5000E Mold Air Purifier

The GermGuardian AC5000E Air Purifier with its HEPA filters can extract as much as 99.97% of contaminants from the air. Just like the aforementioned OION LB-8001, it removes particles down to the size of .3 microns. This 28″ tower which features 3 speed settings (low, medium and high) is ideally suited for medium to large sized rooms. On the downside, the HEPA filters are not washable and reusable. Instead, they should be replaced on a 6 to 8 month basis but you will know thanks to its light indicator. Although, it should be mentioned that people who bought this product claim that having multiple pets shortens the life of the fi Nevertheless, its super quiet on the low setting and cleans a surprisingly large area for its size. In addition, the built in UV-C Light helps kill all viruses and bacteria it catches – including those dreaded mold spores.

The GermGuardian AC5000E is definatly one of the lowest priced HEPA air purifiers on the market and it certainly doesn’t lack in quality either. It features consistent high user reviews on too.

The Winix 5500-2 Air Cleaner With PlasmaWave Technology

Winix 5500-2 Mold Air Purifier

The slick looking Winix 5500-2 air purifier removes 99.97% of all airborne pollutants from .3 microns and up. The built-in carbon filter eliminates all odors too. It’s best suited for small to medium sized rooms and can effortlessly be transported around wherever needed. The HEPA filters are washable and reusable so there’s no need to purchase new filters on a regular basis. There are 4 speed settings and an ultra-quiet sleep mode function. Light indicators notify you whenever carbon or HEPA filters need washing or replacing while the air quality sensors monitor the air quality in real time. But what is this PlasmaWave Technology? PlasmaWave Technology is a process by which the purifier destroys and neutralizes the polluted air it takes in and expels it without creating any dangerous ozone pollutants.

Winix 5500-2 offers great value for its price, looks modern, uses a mere 65 watts and has excellent ratings on

Rabbit Air MinusA2

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Mold Air Purifier

The Rabbit Air MinusA2 looks exquisitely stylish and modern. Not only that but its super quiet and works like a dream. It’s larger in size than the three previously mentioned air purifiers but the Rabbit also cleans a much larger area too. The purifier has a wide range of features and cleans air right down to the smallest of particles; thereby eliminating allergies and allowing you to breathe safely and easily. The screen can display a spectrum of bright colors for visual appeal while the light sensor will automatically change to sleep mode once it detects lights dimming. Although the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is priced considerably higher than the previously mentioned ones, it’s also much more economical than the others. Reason being that the HEPA filters will last for 2 years if you run the system for 12 hours daily. Plus, there’s a 5 year warranty too.

The wall mounting is sold separately and is well worth it. Furthermore, the product enjoys consistent high ratings on the reviews.

Mold Air Purifier Comparison Table

Air PurifierSizeCleaning AreaHEPA FiltersCarbon FiltersLatest Price
OION LB-800111 x 12 x 9 inchesMedium to large roomsYesYesHere
GermGuardian AC5000E10.2 x 7 x 28 inchesMedium to large roomsYesYesHere
Winix 5500-215 x 8.2 x 23.6 inchesMedium to large roomsYesYesHere
Rabbit Air MinusA223.9 x 22.5 x 10 inches815 sq ftYesYesHere

Things To Consider

A mold air purifier will not fix your mold infestation problems. It only removes the spores from the air that it left behind. If you are experiencing problems with mold you should first have it removed before even considering making the purchase. Even if you do not have these problems an air purifier would still be a great idea because it will remove any spores coming in from the outside.