How to Clean Blinds

How to clean wooden blinds

Window blinds come in all sorts of styles and materials and can, therefore, add a lot of character to a room. Cleaning them, on the other hand, is not always so much fun. But it doesn’t have to be, because here we will show you the best and easiest way to clean blinds without having to take them down.

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How to clean wooden blinds

Be extra careful when cleaning wooden blinds because when left wet, they become discolored, spotted, and in some cases, even warped. The best way of cleaning them would be to use a waterless method, but when dealing with stubborn stains, the use of water becomes unavoidable.

We will show you how to remove dust from your wooden blinds and how to deal with hard to remove stains.

Light-duty clean

1: Open the blinds up and run a feather duster on each blind from one end to the other. Alternatively, use a vacuum cleaner with the proper attachment if dealing with thick dust layers. If at all possible, lower the suction strength setting if your vacuum cleaner has the feature because that will minimize the chances of damaging the blinds.

2: The second step is optional but can make a world of difference. Apply a quality wood cleaner to get rid of any remaining dirt and bring back that lustrous shine that will have your wooden blinds looking brand new again.

Heavier duty clean

1: As in the previous step 1, open your blinds and clean from one side to the other with a feather duster or vacuum cleaner.

2: Get a small bucket with some lukewarm water and add dishwashing liquid. Dip a cloth in and before wiping each wooden slat down and spot rubbing stains, first drain all of the excess water from the cloth. We don’t want the blinds becoming too saturated. Have a second cloth or small towel handy to wipe dry each slat immediately after washing.

3: As in the previous optional step 2, use a wood cleaner for extra protection and beautiful shine.

How to clean fabric blinds

How to clean fabric blinds

Cleaning fabric blinds can be easy or a bit more labor-intensive, depending on the severity of the dirt.

Light, general clean

The method about to be explained is ideal for dust and stain spot removal, and does not require any of the blinds to be taken off.

1: Carefully vacuum the fabric blinds from where they are hanging. It’s essential to use an upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner so that it doesn’t cause damage by sucking them in. Check out these handheld vacuum cleaners.

If your primary concern was dust, then no further action is required. On the other hand, if your blinds have stains on them, proceed to the following step.

2: Get a small bucket with lukewarm water and add some cleaning detergent. Put your hand inside of a clean, dry sock, and dip your finger section into the cleaning solution. Without the sock being too wet, start spot cleaning by gently rubbing the stains on the blinds.

Heavier duty clean

Sometimes, spot cleaning your fabric blinds won’t do the trick. If this is the situation you find yourself in, then you will have to remove them from where they are hanging and have them taken to a professional cleaner.

Alternatively, you could soak them in the bathtub for a few hours with a cleaning solution, but you do run the risk of causing damage. But whatever you do, never put them into the washing machine.


Cleaning blinds is quick and easy if you utilize the right method – and you don’t always even have to take them off. Also, there will be times when it’s just best to send them in for professional cleaning.

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