The Best Sump Pumps

The best sump pumps for basements.

A flooded basement can cost many thousands of dollars in water removal services and damages. There’s also the genuine threat of toxic black mold appearing, as this particular mold species is most commonly found in flooded homes.

A sump pump is the best and most efficient line of defense. Not only will we answer some common questions homeowners may have about them, but we will also review some of the best sump pumps money can buy.

Topics Covered

  • Do I need a sump pump?
  • How long does a sump pump last?
  • How often should a sump pump run?
  • Features to look for
  • The best basement sump pumps
    • Zoeller M53
    • Wayne CDU790
    • Superior 92572
    • Radon/Odor Proof Dome

Do I need a sump pump?

If your home has a basement, then yes, because it’s almost a guarantee that every basement will flood at least once. And the likelihood of a flood occurring greatly increases if you live in an area that has a high water table, or receives a lot of rain/snow. Also, sump pumps are just as useful in high moisture areas, i.e., basements.

How long does a sump pump last?

A sump pump can last for up to 10 to 12 years – as long as you invest in a quality system that you clean and have maintenance done regularly.

Cheap, or even neglected quality pumps, likewise, are likely to fail long before their due date.

Regardless, you can expect to change components like float switches multiple times throughout the life of a sump pump.

How often should a sump pump run?

They run automatically when needed. A submersible sump pump, for example, sits in a pit, because the water in the ground underneath the basement will naturally be drawn to it.

As soon as the water level in this pit reaches a certain level, it triggers the float switch, which activates the sump pump. So, in other words, it only runs when the water in the pit reaches a certain level.

Things to look for when choosing a sump pump

Choosing a sump pump is not always easy as there are so many options, models, and features to choose from. Here are a couple of things to consider when looking to buy one.


Brand names do not always matter, but when it comes to sump pumps, they do. After all, they serve a vital function in protecting your home/assets, and they also cost money to purchase, install, and service. It would, therefore, make sense to invest in something durable and reliable.

Yes, a good brand will cost more upfront, but you will save a lot in the long run. And in case you are wondering, good brands include names such as Zoeller, Wayne, Liberty, and Superior.


There are two types of basement sump pumps to choose from – submersible and pedestal – each with its pros and cons.

Pedestal: Pedestal sump pumps sit and function at floor level. They are, therefore, easier to install and maintain. On the other hand, they should never get wet, are noisy, and pose a danger to children.

Submersible: Submersibles are ideal as they have a lot more pros compared to the pedestal types. They are installed in a pit, which means that they are waterproof, out of sight, and a lot quieter. They also tend to last longer. The only real downsides are that they are a little bit harder to install and to have maintenance done on them.


Sump pumps are measured in horsepower, and getting it right is essential. If you get one with too little power for your needs, you will find that it won’t pump the water out fast enough, and you will end up with a flooded basement – the very thing you were trying to prevent in the first place. A pump with too much power will likely burn out before its time, and you will have to fork out hundreds of dollars again for a new one.

So, the amount of horsepower you need largely depends on the area in which you live. If living in a region with an average water table and rainfall, then a 1/3 horsepower will be ideal. Likewise, an area with a higher than average water table and rainfall requires a sump pump with more power.

The best basement sump pumps

Zoeller M53 1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pump

Zoeller M53 sump pump

Zoeller, based in Kentucky, USA, manufactures some of the highest quality sump pumps on the market.

Their reliable M53 is made from cast-iron with an engineered thermoplastic base, which makes it incredibly durable – so much so that many people who purchased this particular model claim that the system lasted nearly ten years.

It’s small but powerful enough at 1/3 horsepower, which means it can pump an impressive 2580 GPH (gallons per hour). And it works hard for long periods without you having to worry that it might overheat because of the built-in overheating switch.

Another great benefit is the 1.5-inch diameter NPT port, which means that solids up to 1/2 inch can easily pass through without causing blockages.

Also, for extra peace of mind, each unit is tested as soon as it comes off the assembly line.

There is one potential downside – the float switch gets clogged occasionally. But that shouldn’t be too much of a problem because it’s easy to clean and unblock.

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Wayne CDU790 1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pump

Wayne CDU790 sump pump

Wayne is a trusted brand, and their CDU790 model is priced low without compromising on quality.

It’s incredibly durable because it’s made from cast iron, while the ceramic sealing does an excellent job of protecting the more fragile internal components from water damage.

The 1/3 horsepower motor is capable of pumping out an impressive 3450 gallons per hour. Also, the CDU790 is less likely to get clogged up, thanks to the top suction strainer that filters out pieces of debris that are too large.

Another significant benefit of this particular model is that installation is quick and easy.

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Superior 92572 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump

Superior 92572 sump pump

Minnesota based, Superior, produces some of the best sump pumps. Their Superior 92572 model has a powerful 1/2 horsepower motor that allows it to pump 3300 gallons per hour at a 25′ vertical lift.

The body is not made from cast-iron like the previously mentioned Wayne and Zoeller brands but is instead manufactured from highly durable thermo-engineered plastic. Also, its filter allows 3/8-inch solids to easily pass through, which means that blockages are less likely to occur.

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Radon/Odor Proof Dome

Sump pump dome

Most standard sump pump lids don’t do much in terms of protecting against odor and radon intrusion.

This sump pump dome is a universal cover, which means that it easily fits all existing basins for a completely sealed off system that protects your basement from unpleasant sump pit odors and dangerous radon gas.

The dome is made from polyethylene structural foam and weighs just under 12 pounds.

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